The free 30 minute Meet and Greet phone call is the perfect opportunity to discuss how I can help your child live his or her best life. Each session is tailored to help work through the current issues while still working towards long term goals.

Don’t see something you need?  Let’s set up a Meet and Greet to discuss how we can work together.

Academic Planning

We will jump in wherever your child is in this process.  Is he or she still looking for the perfect fit? Let’s talk about what will make them the best version of themselves.  Are they already enrolled in a program? Let’s map out how to graduate quickly while learning as much as possible.  No more missed assignments or opportunities.

Big Picture Planning

We will work together to develop short and long term goals.  Let’s figure out what your child ultimately wants out of life.

Career Development

I will help your child create, develop and revise a resume and cover letters so that he or she feels confident during the job search.  We can research job opportunities together and practice for the interview. Once your child lands a job, we will discuss growth opportunities and healthy work habits.

Money Management

Finding your child short on cash each month?  Planning for upcoming purchases? Or just looking to be more thoughtful with your money? We will develop a budget to fit your child’s lifestyle and goals.  Our follow up sessions will allow your child to monitor the actual implementation of the budget and make adjustments as needed.

Organizational Support

To do lists, physical space organization, daily and weekly routines, prioritizing your time, responding to text and voicemail messages. If any of these sounds like things your child struggles with, I can help!

Skin Care and Make Up

Part of the life coaching process is making sure that all aspects of our lives help us make progress towards our long term goals.  Clean skin care and make up help make sure that we keep toxins out of our bodies while putting our best selves forward.

Weekly Schedule

Struggling to get out of bed in the mornings? Finding their days lost in Netflix or video games? I will work with your child to identify the most important elements he or she wants to incorporate into their life.  From there, we will develop a weekly schedule that may include the basics from eating, sleeping and chores, to working out, studying and working.

GRIKI Consulting does not provide mental health services.  You should always seek help from a medical professional.