Kingsley Frazier

As a born and raised California girl who grew up in a high performing school district, I can appreciate the pressure many young adults experience.  However, that very same pressure helped me develop the skills I needed to be successful and ultimately prepared me for the work I do today.

By day I’m an Education Specialist, currently at my former elementary school, previously at my former high school, focusing on helping my students identify their strengths, compensate for their weaknesses and make progress in all areas of their lives. I have a knack for navigating through the emotions and helping young adults achieve their goals.  I believe that the world would be a better place if every person did what they were passionate about instead of what they thought they should be doing.

I’m also an Adjunct Associate Professor at Saint Mary’s College in Moraga teaching classes in the Special Education department.

Those who know me best will tell you that I’m ‘type A’ and famous for my organization and planning abilities.  I believe that having a plan eliminates the anxiety that can come from stressful situations.  The majority of problems in life can be solved with the right approach and support.  I help young adults identify what they want to do and then help them make a plan for how to achieve their goals.

I also know that in order for the coaching relationship to be successful, a connection has to be made and trust has to be built.  I’ve been doing this my whole life.  I often came home late from elementary school because I was connecting with people; I always knew whose grandparent was sick and whose mom was going to have another baby.  In college, my friends would tease me about all the coffee dates I would go on and long talks I would share with people.  Most people are surprised to find out that I’m an introvert.  I love one on one conversations where I really get to know someone.

By night I’m a book loving, Netflix watching gal.  I’m married to Grant and we have two toddlers that keep us on our toes.  When Grant and I were first together, I spent a year traveling from SFO to ATL where he was stationed as an Army officer.  The first couple years of our marriage were spent in Tennessee, where we were stationed at Fort Campbell, KY.  Along the way, the path we thought we were on changed and unexpected curve balls were thrown our way.  I now know that everything we went through was leading me to exactly where I needed to be.


Degrees and Certifications:

IMSE Orton Gillingham Comprehensive Certified

MS Ed. Educational Technology Leadership, California State University-East Bay

Education Specialist Credential, Mild/Moderate and Autism Authorization, Chapman University

Single Subject English Credential, California State University-East Bay

BA, American Studies with an emphasis in Violence Against Women and Minor, Contemporary Leadership, University of California at Davis

High School Diploma, Campolindo High School

GRIKI Consulting, LLC.

The name GRIKI comes from Grant (Gr) and Kiki (iki).  When Grant and I started dating, our family and friends gave us the nickname and it has stuck ever since.  When creating a company based on relationships, naming the company after my most important relationship seemed fitting.